A Bit About TENZING: 

TENZING is a leading Natural Energy Drink due to it’s highly functional properties with absolutely NO artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients. 

Caffeine: All of the energy comes from Green Coffee & Green tea (80mg/100ml) to enhance a slow-release energy boost without the jitters or crash. 

Electrolytes/hydration: TENZING is packed with Himalayan Rock Salt to revitalise the body’s hydration and crucial nutrients with nature’s finest electrolytes.

Vitamins: TENZING delivers a nutrients & vitamin hit from the many vitmain properties derived from Acerola, super foods and fruit juices included. 

Sugars: Sugar is an essential carbohydrate in every person’s diet. What we don’t do is hide behind ‘zero sugar’ by adding artificial sweeteners which instead attack the body’s insulin levels. At only 4.5g/100ml of sugar TENZING is officially low sugar and inline with the body’s optimum osmolarity. All sugar is natural from Beet sugar and the natural fruit juices. 

Market results: 

– TENZING is the UK’s leading natural energy drink. 

– No.3 Energy drink in London Grocery. 

– No.5 Energy drink UK Grocery 

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