Offering the extensive selection of drinks and snacks creates its own challenges in how to store, and show these items. What is needed is a subtle and affordable way of displaying the variety of options whilst maintaining control of a budget and demands.

Displaying Fruit

There are many ways to display fruit. Depending on the amount and volume of what you are offering is going to dictate to you the choices that you have.

For example if you have a large and busy office then there is little point putting the fruit in small bowls as you would be there all day replacing the items. Equally that might be fit for purpose if you have a small office but if you have a larger or mid sized number of people to think about then yu need to consider easier ways to display it without over handling it.

Baskets are a good idea. They are large and volumeful and everything can easily be seen. Some deliveries are already made in baskets so the handling is not even necessary.

However if you prefer to order volume int he products you like and not accept what is delivered to you then there are alternatives. these free standing displays are really usefull as they are versatile, and flexible in that they can be moved around. This is particularly useful if you wanted to move it to an area where a breakout area was or a function within your office environment. And equally they can double up for other items.

Displaying Cereals

Displaying cereal is equally challenging. The first thing to consider is the layout of your existing kitchen and consider how and were you want to display items. If you have little worktop space then you can consider if you have available wall space. These can make very good positions for wall mounted silo containers that can display cereals or sweets.

The immediate advantage of these is that it allows you to purchase cereal in larger (and usually cheaper) quantities and cater for the perfect allowance of stock rotation. That is becuase the fresh product is fillie in from the top forcing the oldest stock to be used first. Other options here are that cereal can be displayed in desktop hoppers or containers.

These are better for smaller offices but have the disadvantage that stock rotation can be harder as it is likely that fresh stock is filled in from the top and consumer first. However if the consumption is quick then this should not be an issue.

And finally there is the option of individually wrapped and packaged cereal. These are very hygenic but come at the highest price point per item because of the extra packaging. These are best placed inside cupboards where they can be stacked easily because of the symetrical shape of the boxs.

These types of cereals fit in a cupboard but dont have the advantage of being ‘On display’ like a desk mounted option

Desk and Wall Mounted Cereal Dispensers

These are the best and most attractive of display options allowing for the fact you have the space and budget to accommodate them.

They can display the offering and users can see exactly what there is. Dispensing portion controlled amounts is easy, hygenic and easy to maintain. Spotting which products are most popular is easy from visual identification, and has the best option of stock rotation as product consumed first is the oldest product as its at the bottom. It also allows for the purchase of larger volumes of product which usually has a cheaper price point.

or wall mounted display silos where space allows..

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